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Working Together

Providing support to navigate life transitions



Whether you are struggling with depression, anxiety, addiction, challenging relationships, or navigating life transitions, I am here to assist you on your path.   With more than 25 years of clinical practice, I use a variety of  techniques to help you connect your past experiences to your current reactions.  I help you gain understanding of how and why you react to certain events in your life.  Through our work together, I will help you explore new approaches and behaviors to change. 


If you are struggling in your relationship with your spouse or partner, couples counseling can help you.  I enjoy guiding couples to uncover the dynamics that affect their relationship whether they are living together, newly engaged or married for many years.  By discovering the issues that are causing conflict in your relationships, we can then develop a path to strengthen your relationship and build a happier and stronger connection. In our work together, we will discuss sexual issues you may be facing and understand how sexual relationships can change over time.  You will learn improved ways to communicate with your partner and be attuned to their individual needs.  I value my experience supporting LGBTQ couples helping them in their relationship with one another while also facing external influences on their relationship.  

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The teen years are a time of tremendous change.  The adolescent is discovering more about who they are as an individual and facing new pressures in school and in social settings.  I work with adolescents who are struggling with anxiety, stress, depression, self-image and body issues as well as family changes.  My goal is to encourage them to embrace positive coping techniques that will help them throughout their life.   I provide a safe environment where they can share problems or concerns which may be difficult to discuss with a parent or other family member. 

Family Counseling

When working with families, I focus on helping them develop open, non-judgmental dialogue.   Through our sessions, each family member gains a deeper understanding of other family members and their role in the overall dynamics.  Members of the family learn how to handle conflicts in an appropriate manner.  Our sessions provide experience modeling and using constructive ways to express the myriad of emotions that family members experience as individuals and as part of the family unit.  The family counseling experience also helps parents understand developmental stages and abilities of their children and recognize how the child's development affects their role in the family


My Practice

It is my policy that payment is due at the time of service.


I will file your insurance for you after your appointment.  

I currently accept the following insurance:   

  • Aetna

  • Blue Cross / Blue Shield

  • Cigna

  • Medicare

  • United Healthcare 

Please be sure to contact your insurance company in advance as many insurance companies have variations in coverage across plans. 

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